Chemical Dependency Support

“Outreach” is the key word in the Chemical Dependency Outreach Program at Bailey-Boushay House.

Our licensed chemical dependency counselor is willing to meet people anywhere they feel safe — be it at McDonald's or Starbucks, a doctor's office or a hospital. And there's very little paperwork involved.

This program serves people who are not getting the help they need to manage their HIV — putting their health and the health of others at serious risk. In addition to drug or alcohol dependencies, many are homeless and hungry. All have been marginalized and poorly treated, and their trust issues are huge.

That's why we serve our clients wherever they are — both in location and with whatever services they are willing to use.

Our Chemical Dependency Outreach Program offers one-on-one chemical dependency counseling and emotional support during crises — in person or by text, email or telephone.

When clients are ready for other services, we offer:

  • Assistance in finding and attending AA/NA meetings
  • Transportation to treatment and medical appointments
  • Referrals to inpatient and outpatient treatment programs

They can also access medications, food, shelter and a respectful community through our HIV Outpatient Program.

At Bailey-Boushay House, we take a harm-reduction approach to helping people stay healthy and preventing the spread of HIV. This includes providing clean needles to clients who use them.

If you or someone you know needs these services, please call us at (206) 720-2305.

Chemical Dependency Program Admission

To learn about chemical dependency program eligibility and admission, see our Chemical Dependency Admission page for details.