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Image: Bailey-Boushay House volunteersWorking at Bailey-Boushay House is a job unlike any other. It's not just that the place is filled with artwork and plants. Or that there appears to be as many staff members and volunteers as there are patients.

It's something more. Something in the air.

Laughter. A kind word. Hope in the eyes of a person who hasn't felt hope in a very long time. It's a sense of dignity and independence. And yes, even love.

The fact is, people are happy to work here, whether on a paid or volunteer basis. And they tend to stay a long time.

Bailey-Boushay House does not discriminate in admissions, services or employment on the basis of age, sex, race, national origin, religion, sexual preference, marital status or handicap, except as permitted by law.

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Work & Volunteer
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