Helping Clients Stay Clean Warm and Dry

When the rain descends on Seattle each fall, it brings a familiar sense of dread for BBH clients who are homeless and often live outside and on the streets. These clients spend much of their lives wet, dirty and cold. Sometimes the simplest things — like a shower and a clean change of clothes—can bring them back to feeling normal.

“To take a warm shower and put on dry clothes, it makes me feel human again,” one client says.

The old laundry machines were slower and less efficient.

That's why BBH started offering free access to laundry and showers several years ago. And it's why donors like you stepped up when we decided to add a second shower and two new, industrial-sized washers and dryers. Thanks to your gifts, these upgrades are helping many more people stay clean, warm and dry.

New industrial-sized washers and dryers are faster and allow more clients to use them.

“Our old laundry machines took hours and clients often left wearing damp clothes,” says Brian Knowles. “Thanks to our donors, our two new machines accommodate larger loads, and wash and dry in under an hour.”

Showering and doing laundry at BBH has two key advantages compared to homeless shelters: safety and privacy.

“It's much more comfortable to shower here than at the shelter, it's more private,” adds another client. “In fact, being homeless, it's the only privacy I get.”