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Bailey-Boushay House Memorial Service

Image: Bailey-Boushay House Memorial Service, Nov. 5

Bailey-Boushay House has a history of offering compassionate care for people with AIDS and other illnesses. It is a place of comfort and support for residents and their families at a most difficult time. We are extending our care now with an annual memorial gathering, a time for you to join with our staff and with other families to pay special tribute to those who died at Bailey-Boushay House.

This will be a special evening. We will have the opportunity to renew our ties to one another, ties that were formed in the midst of illness and grief. You will have the opportunity (either spoken or written) to share a tribute to your special loved one. Join us in this House to remember, in this place that holds caring and loving memories for so many.

Please bring this card to the memorial service or return by mail. Your memorial card will be hung on a memorial branch, to remember those we have lost.


Bailey-Boushay House, 2720 East Madison, Seattle, WA 98112

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