Client Artwork

The art program at Bailey-Boushay House offers residents and day clients the opportunity to create and express themselves. Some people have a lot of experience creating artwork. Others have never touched a paint brush or made a collage. There are those who want to make a statement with their art. While others just want to paint a simple picture. For some, art eases their pain and helps them be in the present. For others, it creates a legacy.

In the end, the aim is for the 'grand prize,' a completed artwork. And they feel empowered as they work to achieve it.

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All My Ex's

Image: All My Ex's

Steve Robinson

Button Blanket

Image: Button Blanket

Gilbert Williams, Jr.

Friendship Quilt

Image: Friendship Quilt

Tom Arnold & BBH Clients


Image: Giraffe

Lin Shanti Goodman

Groucho Marx

Image: Groucho Marx

Shelly Anderson


Image: Monopoly

Jack Edwards

Northwest Orca Whale

Image: Northwest Orca Whale

Timothy Owens


Image: Peacock

Anne Carson

Pineapple Table-Topper

Image: Pineapple Table-Topper

Timothy Owens


Image: Pod

Steven S.

Pom-Pom Delight

Image: Pom-Pom Delight

Timothy Owens

Shadows of Shame

Image: Shadows of Shame
Ron P.

Springtime at Night

Image: Springtime at Night
Timothy Owens

Sunflower II

Image: Sunflower II

Diane Johnson


Image: Untitled

Jim Blodgett Hamilton


Image: Untitled

Lynn F.


Image: Untitled

Glen McGear


Image: Untitled

Steve Robinson


Image: Untitled

Ron P.


Image: Untitled


Universal Power (Good luck talisman collection)

Image: Universal Power (Good luck talisman collection)

Randy Williams

Untitled (Dreamcatc

Image: Untitled (Dreamcatcher)

Randy Stucker

Sunflower [to my little bro]

Image: Sunflower [to my little bro]

Diane Johnson