Chemical Dependency Outreach Program

The Bailey-Boushay House Chemical Dependency Outreach Program specializes in serving individuals with HIV whose drug and alcohol use is causing negative consequences on their health, housing, finances or relationships and who are unable to succeed in traditional abstinence-based programs. Services can be provided in the community, at provider’s offices or in hospitals and emergency departments – wherever is easiest for the client.

Our primary purpose is to help clients stay adherent to medical care and medications. Our ultimate goal is that every person with HIV will have equal access to positive outcomes, defined as undetectable HIV viral load, maximized physical and psychological health, stable living situation, access to adequate nutrition and supportive social connections.

The Chemical Dependency Outreach Program provides:

  • Community-based chemical dependency counseling outreach in person or by phone, text or email
  • Chemical dependency counseling sessions with a harm reduction approach
  • Formal chemical dependency evaluations
  • Referrals to inpatient and outpatient treatment programs
  • Transportation to treatment and medical appointments
  • Assistance accessing and attending AA/NA meetings
  • Assistance with medication adherence, food insecurity and housing
  • Assistance moving through the legal and criminal justice system
  • Emotional support during times of crisis
  • Connection to a community


If you are a person living with HIV or a loved one of a person living with HIV, please call our Admissions Office with any questions.

Bailey-Boushay House Admissions Office
Phone: (206) 720-2305   Fax: (206) 720-2328

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