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Linda Fae Leonard

Bailey-Boushay House

Though Linda Fae Leonard's official job title is receptionist, folks around here just call her mother. "I take care of everybody. If people need to vent, I listen. If the place is in an uproar, I'm the peacemaker. I keep the lobby in control.

Leonard has been doing the job for over seven years, and she's not bored yet. "It's really been a great experience. It's an opportunity to help people." Patients stop and talk. Family members seek her counsel. There are tears. There are hugs. "I'm trustworthy. I'm a friend. I'm like the neutral zone for people. If you love people, you don't have to be judgmental."

So what in particular has kept her here all these years? "It's a beautiful place. It doesn't look like a nursing home or smell like a nursing home. The light. The artwork. The design. The positive attitude is infectious. You see a mindset of living rather than dying. The work is so meaningful, on so many levels."

And what's the best part of her job? "I see these transformations. When I see someone get off drugs, get treatment, get medication, get housing, and get on with their life-that's inspirational."

And the worst part? "To see that we have so much to offer and sometimes people don't get it. This is a gateway to a better life."
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