Q&A With Brian Knowles

An Interview with Brian Knowles, Executive Director, Bailey-Boushay House

  Brian Knowles, Executive Director, Bailey-Boushay House
Brian Knowles, Executive Director, Bailey-Boushay House

Bailey-Boushay House debuted its new logo this month, in alignment with Virginia Mason’s recent brand refresh. Read below about Executive Director Brian Knowles’ thoughts on the new logo and why it was time to change.

Why did Bailey-Boushay House change its logo?
Bailey-Boushay House changed its logo to align itself with Virginia Mason’s efforts to refresh its brand. The association between Bailey-Boushay House and Virginia Mason is close and long standing. Bailey-Boushay House was created by the community to serve people with HIV/AIDS at end of life more than 22 years ago. There was so much fear about AIDS that no health care organization wanted to run the facility. Virginia Mason stepped up when nobody else would and for the past 22 years, Virginia Mason has given more than $15 million to keep Bailey-Boushay House open. Virginia Mason is the largest single reason that Bailey-Boushay House exists today. I am proud of the great work our team members do every day, just as I am proud to work for Virginia Mason.

Why does it look so much like the Virginia Mason logo?
The Virginia Mason marketing department suggested several styles. Some were closer to the new Virginia Mason logo and some were closer to the existing Bailey-Boushay House logo. We chose to align Bailey-Boushay House more closely with Virginia Mason – clinically, emotionally and financially – in part to acknowledge Virginia Mason’s significant contributions. The Bailey-Boushay House logo will be similar in name placement to Benaroya Research Institute’s logo. The larger organization of Virginia Mason wants to showcase the great reputations of Benaroya Research Institute and Bailey-Boushay House, but also align them as part of the same family.

Bailey-Boushay House is unique as is its old logo. Will Bailey-Boushay lose its unique identity?
The old logo, of a setting/rising sun and a sunflower, was meant to speak to people about the circle of life and death. The work of Bailey-Boushay House has changed and I believe the new logo, with the direct message that we are a part of the Virginia Mason family speaks more of what is happening today. We will continue to serve our unique population, but I hope that the community learns that another aspect of Bailey-Boushay House is its partnership with Virginia Mason.

How will we start seeing the new logo used?
As with the other areas of the organization, the change to the new look will be gradual. As items are replaced or reordered we will change to the new look and logo. An announcement is going to our donors this week. We will use up all current stationery/business cards/thank you notes and order replacements with the new logo as needed. The first change will be in the Bailey-Boushay House standard email signoff. Next, our website will be updated. Eventually, we will place the new logo on the side of our building so it can be seen easily from Madison Street. We are all working hard to be good stewards of our resources, so the change will be gradual.  

How will this affect the local community that is used to seeing the old logo?
I envision that those who already know Bailey-Boushay House is part of Virginia Mason will not think twice about it. For others it will be a learning experience. When I give tours of Bailey-Boushay House, I tell the story of how Virginia Mason saved this organization and the work we were created to do. Without Virginia Mason’s leadership, Bailey-Boushay House would never have opened. This fact impresses everyone who hears it. It is just one more reason to be proud to work at Virginia Mason. You can hear some of these stories on our website.

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