About BBH

Our Mission
To provide exceptional care to people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions such as ALS, in order to enhance their health, well-being and functional independence.

Our Goal
To ensure that every person with HIV/AIDS in our community has equal access to positive outcomes.

Our Values
We emphasize compassionate acceptance of all people in a safe environment where we ensure that the dignity and autonomy of every individual is recognized.

We recognize that many of our patients have not been given the simple respect, care and compassion that every human deserves. Though they are facing serious health issues, they have often been overlooked and underserved by the system.

At Bailey-Boushay House, however, they find a staff of people who truly care, and an environment that nurtures each individual. Through medication management, art and music therapy, counseling, conversation and structured activities, we strive to foster a sense of pride, creativity and independence in each person.

Our Outpatient and Inpatient programs (inpatient room photo gallery) have been created to meet the complex needs of those we serve — be they medical, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual — in a way that helps them live with dignity.

Bailey-Boushay House is located in Madison Valley, in Seattle, Washington.

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Bailey-Boushay House Emergency Preparedness Program


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