Inpatient Room

Bailey-Boushay House has 35 private rooms can be decorated to help every patient feel at home. A living room, dining room, meditation room, greenhouse and four solaria offer open community spaces unique to our facility. Services for residents are designed to help patients with the most complex care needs feel well and engage in restorative activities.

BBH-room-1v2.jpg BBH-room-8314v2.jpg BBH-room-8342v2.jpg
All inpatient rooms at Bailey-Boushay House are private, have a phone and flat screen TV, as well as extra space for family and visitors. Rooms include a special mechanical lift to transfer patients safely from bed to chair. All rooms at Bailey-Boushay House include a private toilet and sink. The shower facilities are separate from patient rooms.
BBH-room-8353v2.jpg BBH-room-8447v2.jpg
There is plenty of wall space for patients to personalize their room. The rooms are large enough for patients to bring in their favorite chair, table or other furniture.
An example of a room at Bailey-Boushay House that has been decorated by the resident.

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